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When you’re an executive leading a company that isn’t performing as well as it should financially, there is tremendous pressure to find out why and fix what’s wrong. If you go searching in the obvious or familiar places for the root cause, you likely won’t find the answers you need.

That’s because the critical flaws hampering your company’s performance lie just beneath the surface of where you’re looking. What makes these flaws so hard to detect is that most people don’t even know they’re there, let alone how deep they run.

In Unbreak the System, Josh Rovner shows you how to cure the ten critical flaws that are killing your company. In doing so, you can achieve extraordinary business results and scalable, sustainable growth. Your customers will enjoy greater satisfaction and be more loyal to your business. Your operations will become more efficient and effective, and your employees will be happier and more engaged.

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Unpacking the ten critical flaws in your company

Leadership, improving your corporate culture, and fixing critical flaws in your company.

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