Josh’s Services

Advisory Services

Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Get a proper diagnosis of your company‘s critical flaws and a detailed plan for how to cure them. 

Change Leadership

Accelerate change in your company. Turn naysayers into champions.

Vision and Mission Creation

Create a clear vision and mission that lets everyone know how you ease peoples' pain and improve their lives.

Organization Design

Evolve your company's infrastructure to spark cross-functional collaboration and boost your speed.

Josh Rovner

KPI Development, Goal Development, and Tracking

Prioritize the right goals to make the biggest impact. Implement the right metrics and tracking to show what you've achieved and how you achieved it.    

SOP Building and Documentation

Build effective and well-documented processes to ensure consistent peak performance and scalable success.  

Culture Change

Treat politics. Eliminate scapegoating. Uncover and fix blind spots. Instill accountability.    

Innovation Orchestration

Drive radical innovation that delights your customers, disrupts your industry, and grows your revenue. 

Josh Rovner

Value Proposition, Competition, and SWOT Analysis

Optimize your position in the market compared to key competitors. Capitalize on your company's internal strengths and relevant external opportunities.  Minimize your company's weaknesses and external threats.

Revenue Enhancement Strategies

Gain additional revenue from your existing customers. Acquire and retain new customer segments.  Tap into hidden sources of ancillary revenue.

Pricing and Revenue Management

Ensure the pricing for your products and services is optimal - especially if you have limited capacity.

Josh Rovner

Workshops and Keynotes

Topic - Diagnosing and Curing Critical Flaws In Your Company
Description - A great companion to Josh’s book. Work with your team to identify the critical flaws that are hurting your company. Create a plan to cure them.

Topic- Aligning on Success Metrics, Clarifying Goals, and Tracking Progress
Description - Gain consensus on exactly how you will measure success moving forward in your company. Make your goals as clear as the blue sky on a sunny day. Track your progress like you never have before.

Topic - Deciding on Your Most Important Goals
Description - Narrow your list of hundreds of potential goals down to the "vital few" that will really make an impact.

Topic - Re-designing Your Organization to Ignite Necessary Collaboration
Description - Change your organizational structure from function-driven to process-driven and watch the silos in your company disappear.

Topic - Driving Radical Innovation By Exposing Your Blind Spots
Description - Identify and address the blind spots in your company that are affecting your employees and customers and holding you back. Drive radical, brilliant innovation that delights your customers, disrupts your industry, and grows your revenue.

Topic - Customized Workshops and Keynotes Based on Your Business Needs
Description - Mix and match from above or design something exclusively for your company. Josh will happily create a custom workshop or keynote to best meet your needs.